Considering the savings in lost productivity alone,
On-Site is the clear bottom-line winner in the quest
for a substance-free workplace!

This formula shows ACTUAL costs of clinic-based testing:

               Wages X Transit and Waiting Time
                  + Value of Lost Productivity
                 = A Big Fat Hole In Profitability!  

Multiply those losses over tens or hundreds of yearly tests and you can see why companies like Maran Tankers, BNSF, Conagra, Lowe's and many others insist on using On-Site for most or all of their testing situations. And we service all those companies!

Why expose your workforce to the microbial environment of the clinic, spreading the danger of even more serious productivity losses?

For about the same basic fee as a clinic MTS will come to YOU! And we'll get it right the FIRST time!

Substance screening is just not an economic or training priority at clinics and hospitals. We even number some major hospitals among our clients!

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